Pikov is a small village situated in Central Europe in the Czech Republic, 12 km northwest from Tabor. It has only 10 houses. Many woods, meadows and fields surround the village. Pikov lies on the edge of the natural park Jistebnicka highlands between two hills, Bukovice (658 m) on the south side, and Dehetnik (684 m) on the north side. On the west side, there is a high range of stony fields. Only the east side is open towards sunrise. All inhabitants and visitors have a nice view of Borotin, the Highlands Milicinska, the Highlands Vozicka with mythical hill Blanik (638 m) and the Highlands Drnovicka. From hill Bukovice you can see the Highlands Novohradska and the Bohemia Forest.

State:Czech Republic
Region:South Bohemia
Post:391 33 Jistebnice

Position: 49°29'25.097"N, 14°35'44.402"E

On this webpage you can find among others history of Pikov (first written note is from 13. century), Podolsky Kostelec (founded in the year 845 Lech returned from christening from Regensbur), Borotin castle and many pictures these places and surroundings.